We as NuxCraft, custom enterprise hardware Enterprise Servers for the custom gaming Minecraft experience. Best co-Located Data Centers for the most protection. providing a great gaming experience!


We Provide the Follow awesome experiences:

  • Enterprise Hardware
  • CO-Located CyberSecurity Datacenter – Best Security
  • Custom Survival Generator to Discourse
  • Custom Map Generators – Powered by RWG2 ( Real World Generator )
  • Professional Art and Staff
  • Forums and Discord


Staff Applications are underway Please contact us about them at: contact@nuxcraft.net

and Also Join our Discord group: discord.gg


 to Discourse2/28/19

  • Spawn is built
  • getting perms ready
  • Changed messages
  • updated plugins


  • Spawn creative work ready!Priceless….
  • Got the fuel
  • Engine ready
  • Optimization in proress
  • Getting website Ready
  • Forums Done….
  • SSL ready to go
  • Being Awesome and professional ready!

All that. Priceless….

To Be continued….