Hello World,

We got the release coming this way. Here is whats available for the release.


  1. We got the spawn ready for the new release. prepared with Holograms and more!
  2. We have the shop ready for donation. Credit Cards and Debit Cards from any major bank can be accepted as well as PayPal credits Securly ( We have HTTPS [ SSL ] from Comando )
  3. Also the modes are going to be creative and survival. AT FIRST!
  4.  Starting with the forum
    1. Open Source software
    2. Amazing support from github
    3. customized to our needs.
    4. one login for everything

We will release more information and  more features if the release suggested it tous. or make changes to the gameplay.

Discord: shortn.top/l/discord

GG so far!


Please Post a comment below!